Soil delivery, on-site soil amendment, soil removal, and site preparation.



Soil delivery, on-site soil amendment, soil removal, and site preparation.

Material Delivery Services

Soil Conveyor / Soil Slinger

Soil Slinger utilizes a conveyor belt to evenly distribute soil or aggregate into trenches, planting boxes, boulevards, steep slopes, or over barriers with incredible precision. The Soil Slinger can reduce the dependency on labour and equipment to place materials.


Rapid conventional dump truck delivery of soil, mulch and aggregates. Carrying material volumes of roughly 25 cy per unit (loose yardage) this delivery method offers flexibility ideal for city streets, and construction sites.

Walking Floor Trailer

Walking floor trailers are unique in that the floor can shift toward the end of the trailer for easy unloading. Carrying greater volumes than conventional tri-axles the walking floor trailer does not need to tilt the box to dump offering greater safety will avoid contacts with overhead wires or other on-site conflicts.

Topsoil Stripping, Removal & on site Re-use

Excess Soil Processing & Removal

Soils are processed and amended directly from site for re-use as growing media for landscaping and horticultural applications within urban environments. This solution does not leave soil waste generated from screen overs (unless requested).

Mobile Processing & Amendment for Re-use On-Site

Mobile soil processing plants can be used to separate deleterious materials, mix and amend/regenerate site soils designated for reuse to accommodate landscape designs.

Site Preparation & Erosion Sediment Controls

In addition to our existing soil removal services, Jenkins Soil offers erosion and sediment control, earthworks and site preparation services. Earthmoving equipment is also available on a time and material basis.

Soil Specification Development

We offer facilitation of soil fertility analysis and provide guidance for soil specifications.

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